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The Interview Process

Finding a great practice opportunity is challenging. It takes time, preparation, organization, strategy, and perseverance. Although the process can be difficult, it’s well worth it once you’ve found the practice you’ve been dreaming of. This section provides you with the tools to do that, encompassing how to find practice opportunities, advice in effectively communicating and interviewing with a practice, helpful tips for assessing how well the practice will fit your needs, and good advice for making the best decision.

Employment Contracting

Jump to this section if you’re looking to connect directly with common standards for your employment agreement. Here you’ll find a point-by-point description of critical contract terms and what you should expect. You’ll also find a sample letter of intent (an informal document that outlines general terms) and a sample contract (a formal document with binding provisions) that provide a helpful preview of what your agreements might look like. Although written in the context of private practice, the information here will largely apply to all contract settings.

Post-Fellowship Options

Once you’ve finished your fellowship, you have a number of options from which to choose. The right choice will be based on your personality, your goals and aspirations, your clinical preparation, and your personal and practice related interests.

Is joining a group practice best?
If so, should it be single-specialty or multi-specialty?
Or should you consider academic medicine?
Or contract with a hospital or other institutional provider?

This section will provide you with the vital facts for each option, helping illuminate the path that makes the best sense for you.

Business Resource Library

If you’re tired of concepts and prefer to see things applied to the real world, this section will help. The case studies here provide vignettes designed to effectively illustrate key concepts of the website material.

Each one describes a scenario based on real-life situations. The ensuing narrative then provides a diagnosis of the case, and identifies the important facts to consider, along with suggested approaches to resolve matters. It’s a bit like grand rounds, only applied to the job search process instead.

MD Peer Experiences

Fortunately, you’re not the first person to confront the challenges involved in finding the right practice. Hindsight is a helpful resource, and this section provides you the benefit of others’ experiences in practice immediately following training. Here you’ll find real-life accounts of your peers and colleagues recounting the things that went well and those things they might have done differently. Use this information to streamline the process for you, replicating the successes and avoiding the difficulties.

Professional Links

This section is provided for your convenience while working with the website. These links include many of the professional societies, journals, and other resources commonly known within the specialty. These links are provided for your convenience and their inclusion shouldn’t be viewed as an endorsement.

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